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Master’s degree programme M2I

Branch: Automotive and Material Handling Engineering

Guarantor: prof. Ing. Josef Štětina, Ph.D.


Characteristics of the branch

Teaching of this study branch is procured especially by Institute of Automotive Engineering in follow-up Master´s degree programme.
The student acquires knowledge of the theory, construction, diagnostics and testing of internal combustion engines of motor vehicles and their accessories. In the year-end projects and the diploma thesis they can choose whether to specialize in motor vehicles or internal combustion engines. He also acquires knowledge both in the field of the construction of construction machinery, transport and handling equipment (cranes, conveyors, lifts, manipulation tools, container transport, etc.) and also in the area of designing transport and manipulation systems (instrumentation and control of the material flow, inventory, material manipulation system solutions, logistics, etc.) The students learn both about the theory of the construction of the above machinery, its drives and dimensions, and the methods of efficient, economic and environmentally acceptable use under operating conditions. Student deepens knowledge of strength theory, reliability and construction durability and their elements in branch of computer aided design of machine construction. Students deal with testing of these machines and their subgroups within experimental methods. Students will also acquaint with basics of production control of these machines and with points at issue of their running and maintenance, economical dimensioning, reliability and durability, including experimental research.
Student can concentrate on motor vehicles and internal combustion engines or on transport and handling devices and construction machines.

Goals of the study

Teach the student of this study branch to design and to develop machines (their structural groups and subgroups), machine systems and technological units of studied branch. The student extends used knowledge of designing and stress analysis that he obtained at the Bachelor’s study and he acquires the ability of application in area of motor vehicles and internal combustion engines or transport and handling machines and construction machines. Go on the student of this study branch obtains the ability to direct and organize the activities of business and service companies that belong to study branch.
The graduate during study acquires the ability to assert by designing, production, business and service companies in area of motor vehicles, internal combustion engines, transport and handling machines and construction machines.

Entry requirements

Completed Bachelor’s study in the field of engineering science and successfully passed entrance examination (if not remitted by the dean).

Students of bachelor’s study programmes at FME: General type of study B 2339 “Mechanical Engineering“ and Professional type of study - Professional Branch B2324 “Machine and Equipment Construction” can be accepted.

Career prospects

Graduates from this specialisation can be employed mainly in the design, calculation and test departments of research and development, manufacturing, repair or user companies as designers, calculators, test or service technicians, managers, etc.

Advanced courses

Successful graduates can after passing entrance test continue in Doctoral Study - the branch of Design and Process Engineering.

Study stays abroad, international cooperation

Internships can be undertaken in the Czech Republic in companies such as Škoda Auto Mladá Boleslav and others. Abroad, internships are available with companies or universities in a related field. The Institute has a rich tradition of co-operation with the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, where the students are able to prepare their diploma thesis or complete a doctoral study.

Special offer

There is organized a lot of excursions at leading local and foreign producers and institutions during the study. Local and foreign producers make their sites opened with a view to get quality graduates. These possibilities are not usual for students as well as worker with reference to competitive environment.

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