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Vehicle Dynamics  


  1. Objectives and scope
  2. Profile of the research team leader
  3. Related references


Objectives and scope

Vehicle Dynamics team focuses on the research and application of results in the area of driving characteristics of cars. The team is engaged in mathematic modeling and simulation calculations of vehicle dynamics, aerodynamic calculation, test drives and measurements of driving maneuvers, laboratory measurement of vehicle parameters etc. The focus of our research lies in developing methods and tools that support the vehicle design, both before the prototype is created and during fine-tuning the vehicle’s driving characteristics based on test drives. It is typical for these days that individual tools are used only in one stage of car development. For instance, simulations are used almost exclusively in the stage of the vehicle design and tools for data acquisition and analysis are employed only during tests. Our research team aims to overcome these boundaries and find out how to use effectively all tools in each stage of development and testing. For this purpose, we are designing our own system of software tools SADT (System of Automotive Development Tools). The success rate of individual analyses and calculations depends largely on the quality of available input information. Therefore we focus also on the design of methods that use modern technologies to obtain necessary data.

Jointly with companies operating in automotive industry we work on various research programs and development of computational tools. Moreover, we provide measurement services. We do not offer our practical experience, software and experimental equipment only to automotive industry companies, but also provide our services motor sport teams.


Research team leader

Ing. Petr Porteš, Ph.D. has been involved in the field of vehicle dynamics for many years. He has particular experience with both theoretical and practical aspects of driving characteristics and handling of vehicles. He founded the Vehicle Dynamics group and he also created the basis of the group in measurement equipment and software (ADAMS, Matlab). He is the founder of 3D laboratory with 3D scanners. He has been systematically working on the development of the System of Automotive Development Tools (SADT) that is used to create the mechanical design of vehicles, analyze driving states (both calculated and measured), and optimize kinematic and dynamic characteristics of wheel suspensions as well as vehicle subsystems that affect driving characteristics of cars.

Petr Porteš teaches Vehicle dynamics and Virtual prototypes at Brno University of Technology where he has introduced multi-body simulation software ADAMS which is used under his expert patronage by the whole university.

Besides his theoretical competencies, Petr Porteš has extensive practical experience in the field of motor sport ( He works as a consultant of many Czech car racing teams. He took part in the development of factory produced cars for the World Rally Championship, for the S2000 Championship, and circuit racing cars (open formula cars, GT cars etc.). He cooperates with R&D departments of automotive companies. Jointly with his Ph.D. students, he works with these companies on many research programs.



Ing. Petr Porteš, Ph.D.
Institute of Automotive Engineering

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Brno University of Technology
Technicka 2896/2
616 69 Brno

Phone: 5 4114 2268
Fax: 5 4114 3232


Team members:

Ing. Ondřej Blaťák, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Vančura
Ing. Petr Hejtmánek
Ing. Pavel Kučera
Ing. Lubor Zháňal



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Driving Tests
Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory
3D Laboratory
Hardware In the Loop
SADT - System of Automotive Development Tools
SAMS (Symbolic Analyses of Multibody Systems)
SAMS Suspension
SAMS Vehicle Steady State
SADT Data Analysis
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