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The laboratories of the IAE has at its disposal 5 independent test benches equipped with electric dynamometers:

  • 40 kW / 17000 min-1
  • 80 kW / 6400 min-1
  • 2x 150 kW / 8000 min-1
  • 2x 250kW / 8000 min-1
  • 500 kW / 8000 min-1

and hydrodynamic dynamometers with performance range:

  • 800 kW and 1350 Nm max. rpm 12000 min-1
  • 1560 kW and 8250 Nm max. rpm 3600 min-1


The test benches are equipped with complex apparatus  for measuring and testing internal combustion engines from temperature, pressure, consumption, emission measuring to systems for full automation and control of tests according to the requirements of the customer.

The laboratory also has at its disposal equipment for measuring and analysis of noise and vibrations utilizing acoustic camera and laser vibrometers.

For thermodynamic analysis of combustion process is the laboratory of the Institute equipped with measuring apparatus for indication of combustion pressure in the cylinder.


Not only the cooling medium conditions of internal combustion engines and high-performance air-conditioning, but also the fuel distribution (gas, diesel, and CNG) is a part of the test benches.  







The test bench for small displacement engines

The test bench for small displacement engines is equipped with eddy current dynamometers MEZ V125 and is used for exact measuring of torque in engines with up to 125 kW.



Test bench DS 736-4/V

Test bench with active electric dynamometer DS 736-4V is used for exact measuring of torque in passive “breaking” mode and in active “motored” mode. This test bench is especially useful for exact measurement of engine’s mechanical losses, measuring of dynamic pulsation in the intake stroke, noise and vibrations, simulation of breaking with the engine, and all utilizations with the demand on measuring with or without the combustion process. 




Test bench for durability engine testing

The test bench is equipped with electric dynamometer AVL with power up to 500 kW, 8 000 min-1 and dynamometer MEZ V250 with power up to 250 kW, 8 000 min-1. This test bench is especially useful for precise durability measuring of performance and engine torque of medium or higher performance level passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This test bench is assembled in a way to meet the most demanding requirements for durability testing of engines and their components, including the possibility of full automatizing, control and operation of individual tests meeting the measuring demands. The test bench is equipped with distribution system of fuels (gas, diesel, and CNG). 




Test bench Superflow

The test bench Superflow is equipped with hydrodynamic dynamometer SF 902. The parameters are – max. power800 kW/5000 min-1, or 1400 kW/10000 min-1. Maximal braking torque is 1350 Nm, maximal engine speed is 11500 min-1. This test bench is put together for fast and flexible measuring of engines with wide performance and torque range. The main advantage of this dynamometer is its very low moment of inertia in high breaking performance. The whole construction of the dynamometer is designed to take into consideration versatility, quick assembly and disassembly of the engine. Based on these reasons, is this dynamometer one of the most frequently used in the field of utilization for motorsport. The part of the test bench is the equipment used for optimizing of ECU software.  




Test bench for low-speed engines

The test bench for low-speed engines is equipped with hydrodynamic dynamometer DP32pt6. The parameters of this dynamometer are – max. power 1560 kW, 8250 Nm, max. rpm 3600min-1. This test bench is meant for measuring and testing of medium up to large commercial vehicles engines, stationary and locomotive engines (diesel or SI engines including CNG). 



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