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Passenger Car Engines  

In spite of the progress in the field of alternative propulsion systems, it is possible to anticipate that piston combustion engines will remain their dominant position in the world as passenger car powertrains (as for direct propulsion, or as a part of hybrid system). After more than one century of the development passenger car engines markedly improved and further increase of their effectiveness and reliability imposes high demands on knowledge, experience, computational modelling and experimental process. 

IAE, in the field of research and development of passenger car engines, deals predominantly with these subjects:

  • Dynamics and fatigue (crank mechanism, valve train, valve train drive, chain and belt drive)
  • Dynamic dampers of the torsional vibrations
  • Shape optimization of engine components
  • Thermodynamics of combustion process
  • Decrease of engine’s vibrations and noise
  • Engine’s sound design
  • Engine testing
  • Fatigue tests


The Institute cooperates with manufacturers and tuners of passenger cars, and also with leading European research institutions. 


Dynamics and durability

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