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SAMS Vehicle Steady State  

Multi-body models of vehicle

  • Any type of suspensions including springing mechanism. Models are created by program SAMS. They could be generated so that satisfy specific requirements on input and output variables.
  • The model can also contain models of typical adjusting components for easier input of vehicle setting parameters.
  • Models of vehicles with front drive, rear-drive or 4x4, including central and axle differentials.



  • Calculation of steady states (such as driving on a circular path at a constant speed) and the quasi-steady state (following a circular path including acceleration and braking).
  • Calculation of individual states for Moment Method.
  • Analysis of the impact of differential on vehicle driving properties (including Torque Vectoring) for different requirements on the speed and torque of differential shafts.


  • Graphical information about the dynamic vehicle state
  • Graphical information about states of individual subsystems of the vehicle (tyres, differentials, springs, beam, ..)
  • Variables defined in the standards ISO 8855 and SAE J670e

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