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Dynamics and durability  

The Institute conducts research and development in the field of dynamics and fatigue of passenger car combustion engines with the implementation of computational and also experimental methods. 

Advanced and effective computational methods for modelling of the dynamics of the whole engine represents complex computational model – so called, Virtual Engine. This enables to solve structural, heat and fatigue tasks and comprises of following modules:

  • Crank mechanism – central module of the virtual engine which includes various types of bodies and ties among them, including the model of slide and roller bearings allowing to solve various concepts of crank mechanism (arrangement: inline, V-shaped, with opposed pistons, radial and other special concepts).
  • Valve train – dynamics of various valve train concepts (SV, OHV, OHC, and others), including desmodromic drive and variable timing.
  • Balance unit – various types of balance shaft and mechanisms and their impact on the dynamics of crank mechanism, actually on the whole engine.
  • Valve train drive and engine accessories – nonlinear dynamic model of gear drive, chain drive, belt drive, and others.
  • Fuel injection unit – model of mechanically driven fuel injection unit engine with direct high-pressure fuel injection. 

Experimental tasks are solved with the help of highly developed measuring technique for contactless laser scanning of torsional and longitudinal vibrations. Available are laser vibrometers Briel&Kjaer and POLYTEC, analyzer Briel&Kjaer PULSE and other equipment.

Also, measuring of real dynamic load of engine’s components with the use of deformation tenzometers, is performed at the Institute. Dynamic computational models of crank mechanism are also verified by contactless measuring of crankshaft main pin trajectory with employment of sensors MICRO-EPSILON eddyNCDT.  

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