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Dynamics and fatigue of ignition engines’ parts  

Research and development of compression ignition engines’ dynamics with the application of experimental and computational methods are conducted at the IAE.

The primary modular computational model is, so called, Virtual Engine which comprises of following modules:

  • Module of crank mechanism as central module of virtual engine, including the model of slide bearings allowing to solve various concepts of crank mechanism (inline engines, V-engines, engines with opposed pistons, or with special concept)
  • Module of valve train which enables to solve different types of valve trains (OHC, OHV, SV, desmodromic, variable, special concept)
  • Module of balance unit which enables to solve different concepts of balance shaft, bearings, etc.
  • Module of the timing drive which includes gear drive, chain drive, or belt drive
  • Module of the fuel injection unit


The Institute has available an experimental technology for contactless laser measuring of torsional and longitudinal vibrations. Available are laser vibrometers Briel&Kjaer and POLYTEC, analyzer Briel&Kjaer PULSE and other experimental equipment. 



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Formula Student

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