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Noise Vibration an Harshness  

The problem of vibrations and noise is one of the aspects that are more and more relevant for design of individual components of complex sets not only in automotive industry. Until recently, were these characteristics interpreted only with the use of technical experiments on manufactured prototypical models. To shorten the phase for designing the product, with the rise of the IT performance, there is a conversion to interpreting of the acoustic behavior in the phase of design on the basis of CAE method.

The Institute deals with the evaluation of acoustic characteristics on the level of physically manufactured prototypes and also virtual prototypes, thanks to which, with the aim of obtaining desired acoustic characteristics, it is possible to perform proper constructional adjustments. In the combination with the reverse engineering are these methods turned into tool to affect the problems of vibration and noise from practice.

In the field of vibration and noise evaluation the Institute predominantly specializes at:

  • Spark ignition and compression ignition engines in passenger cars, trucks and tractors
  • Gear train
  • Individual components of construction sets (blocks of engines, gearboxes, crankshafts, intake mechanism, exhausts, etc.)


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