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Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory  


Ing. Ondřej Blaťák, Ph.D. (preparation and realization of measurement, creation and procedure of measurement methods)
Ing. Petr Porteš, Ph.D. (creation and procedure of measurement methods)
Ing. Jan Vančura (preparation and realization of measurement)
Ing. Petr Hejtmánek (preparation and realization of measurement) 

 Subject of activity:

Measurement of vehicle center of gravity
Measurement of moment of inertia around the vertical axis of vehicles
Measurement of gravity and moments of inertia of vehicle parts
Measurements of the body deformation
Accurate measurement of wheel suspension’s kinematic points
Measurement of wheel alignment
Measurement of balance wheels, radial and lateral run-out tyres
Special measurements 


Laboratory with safety features for confidentiality of prototypes
Mounting measurement platform
Jz meter 1.0
3D scanners (3D laboratory)
Electronic wheel-alignment system Hunter VAS6292
Measurement of road force using HUNTER GSP9700


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