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SAMS Suspension  


Types of wheel suspension

Any type of suspensions including springing mechanism could be designed, analyzed or optimized. Three-dimensional models are created by program Sams according to specific requirements for input and output variables. The model can also contain models of typical components for adjusting suspension settings thus make easier to specify inputs into the program..

Kinematic characteristics

Kinematic parameters as functions of the vertical displacement and steer angle of the wheel: toe-in, roll centre, anti-squat, anti-dive, anti-lift, camber, Ackermann geometry, caster angle, caster offset, kingpin inclination, ...

Ride and roll rates

Wheel vertical force / spring force, wheel vertical force / anti-roll bar torque, wheel suspension roll stiffness ….


Kinematic characteristics are for purpose of the optimization process divided into 3 groups according to the requirements on the properties to be achieved by calculation. The first group consists of kinematic variables for which there is a demand for their value in one point (usually in the basic height position) such as toe angle, camber, track, height of the roll centre, anti-dive, etc. The second group consists of kinematic characteristics for which the whole shape of kinematic parameters dependence on the stroke wheels is optimized such as bump-steer (steer angle throughout the full stroke range of wheel movement). The third group consists of kinematic characteristics, for which is not directly put a specific requirement to be achieved by calculation, but are calculated in order to check whether any undesirable abnormality could be discovered that impairs the results of optimization calculations.

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