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Specific outputs of the FRVŠ 437/2012 project - Innovation in Teaching Logistics Processes with the Help of Discrete Event Simulation Method  

The specific outputs of the project were:

  1. Creation of five simulation models of selected types of conveyor systems used in industry (jack, tilt table and turn table, belt and chain conveyor, etc.), including the variants concerning their control logic.
  2. Creation of three simulation models based on queuing theory.
  3. Creation of five simulation models representing simplified sections of real production, supply and storage systems, which allow to conducting simulation experiments in order to optimize selected product characteristics (daily production, utilization of facilities, warehouse capacity utilization, etc.).
  4. Creation of three simulation models based on graph theory always supplemented with an analogous example which is solvable by applying a suitable analytical method (comparison of outputs in the form of a Sankey diagram with the results Ford-Fulkerson algorithm, transportation problem and search for paths in a graph).
  5. Elaboration of a hand-book which deals with operation of the simulation SW Plant Simulation software and contains description of the procedures of creating the simulation models.
  6. Presentation of the results of this project at domestic and international conferences and publishing within professional community in form of papers issued in specialized magazines. Further results are presented on the website of the Institute of Automotive Engineering in the form of e-learning materials available for lessons (courses).
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