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The Institute makes use of contemporary computational and experimental methods to solve issues with noise, vibrations and noise emission of passenger car engines.

At the development phase of power trains are their acoustic emissions modelled in the environment of advanced software equipment on the MKP (ANSYS, NASTRAN) and MBS (ADAMS) basis. In-house developed highly specialized software for evaluation of engines and their parts from the vibrations and noise standpoint is employed as well.

With the passenger car engines it is possible to adjust, specifically, their noise emission from the excitation (construction of crank mechanism, ignition sequence, etc.) point of view, and also from point of view of the vibration transition through the individual structures of the engine.

Vibrations and noise of physically existing engines is possible to measure with the use of special experimental technique:

  • Acoustic camera to detect source of noise
  • Acoustic probe for detailed detection of the distribution of the noise source
  • Sensor to determine the vibrations of power train parts
  • Electrodynamic  shaker for various excitations of engine parts
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