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Accurate measurement of wheel suspension’s kinematic points  

Key inputs for creating a model of wheel suspension by multi-body software include the position of individual kinematic points of the suspension. These are points where individual parts of the suspension (including the car’s chassis) are connected by spherical, rotational or other joints. The relative position of these points determines geometry of the suspension and also its kinematic characteristics (change of relative position of the points when the wheel is lifted or steered). Coordinates of these points are taken into account when creating the car’s technical design and are included in the drawing documentation. However, it is usually extremely difficult to obtain these data from car manufacturers. Coordinates of the points are sometimes specified in drawing documentation, but their position could change due to inaccuracies of manufacturing process, which can, in turn, change kinematic characteristics of the suspension and thus driving characteristics of the car against the original technical design.  Optical scanners Tritop and Atos that are available in The Institute of Automotive Engineering (hereinafter referred to as the IAE) offer very accurate localization of these key points of wheel suspension.



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